How to Set Up a Jabra Bluetooth

Many states have passed out laws, restricting the use of mobile phones while driving. However, one can still receive and make calls through a Bluetooth headset. That is where Jabra Bluetooth devices come in handy. Depending on features and models, the Jabra Bluetooth can be bought between the range of $30 and $300. Before using it, you will need to charge the device and connect the headset with your cell phone.


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    Charge the device

    You will need to charge your Jabra Bluetooth first. Plug it in a socket with the provided charger and charge the device for a couple of hours. Once it is charged, you are ready to turn the device on and pair the Bluetooth headset with your mobile.

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    Turn on the device

    Each headset will include an instruction manual which will guide you how to pair it with your cell phone but most devices have a universal method of pairing. Turn the Bluetooth set on. If the Bluetooth pairing light is on then you are good to go. However, in most cases you will have to hold the button for a while until it begins blinking. This means that your device is ready for pairing.

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    Turn on your phone or discover the settings option on your mobile and click Bluetooth. Once you have found it, select it so that your mobile can start searching for your headset. At this point, you will need to enter a passkey or a pairing code. For most new devices the pairing code is 0000. If your cell phone asks for it, enter the code. Some cell phones may not require it and might just pair normally. Once the connection is made, you are ready to make calls.

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    Adjust the headset

    Adjust the headset on your ear, and place it properly to ensure that the microphone is aimed towards your mouth.

    For incoming calls, tap the call control button once. You can further adjust the volume by using the + ( increasing) and – ( decreasing ) symbols on the headset. If you want to turn off the device in order to receive calls directly on your phone, hold the call control button for a couple of seconds. The headset will be disconnected.

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