How to Install a Wireless Security Camera

With inflation and poverty, especially in third world countries, more and more incidents of burglary are reported. This increases fear among people who tends to take security measures. You can get security cameras and mount them outside your house, in your room or at your workplace. By installing these wireless cameras you will have an eye on your place wherever and whenever you desire. In case someone steals a thing form your desk whether at work or your servant steal something from your house, you can figure out who the culprit is and then turn them to authorities.

Things Required:

– Step ladder
– Stud finder
– Pencil
– Screwdriver
– Drill
– Mounting bracket
– Security camera


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    First of all you need to decide which place you want to install the wireless security camera. You need to choose whether you want to place inside the house, in your room, outside or in your office room.

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    Next you need to decide which place is the best to mount the camera. Place the camera in an area where you can have maximum view of the room or outside. You need to determine the best angle for your camera.

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    You need to determine the height where you want to mount the wireless security camera. Decide how high your security camera should be mounted from the floor.

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    Install stud

    Seek an appropriate mounting place and then place the mountain bracket. Then mark the screw holes with help of pencil and install the stud. You can use a stud finder to determine the location. Remember you can rent or borrow a stud finder from a home improvement store instead of buying.

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    Drywall anchor bolt

    Instead of using stud for mounting bracket you can use a drywall anchor bolt.

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    Drill bit

    Next get a drill bit. Remember to choose the drill bit which is a little smaller than the size of the screws you are using to hold the mounting bracket.

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    Drill hole in the stud

    After choosing the drill bit, drill a hole in the stud. In case you are using the drywall anchor bolt then insert it into the drywall.

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    Attach the mounting bracket

    Next old the mounting bracket in their proper place by inserting the screws.

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    Place camera

    After holding the mounting bracket, place the wireless security camera on it.

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    Plug and Sync

    In the end you need to plug the wireless security camera and then synchronise it with the base station.

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