How to Fix Fender Solid State Amps

Just like all the other solid state amps, Fender amps also use the same transistor technology to amplify the signal of the attached guitar rather than the vacuum tube technology, which was used in older amps. Fender solid state amp is said to be more reliable than any of its counterparts. Nonetheless, it still sometimes malfunctions, and had to be fixed before further usage.

Things Required:

– Screw driver
– Cloth
– Torch


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    Identification of the problem:

    The primary step in fixing a fender solid state amp is to identify the problem. Without determining the problem, one cannot find a solution, and it is necessary that one identifies the problem and then assess the cause of it. For instance, if your amp can be turned on but are failing to hear the sound, it means that the problem is not in the power section or if you cannot even turn on the amp then it is certain that the problem is in your power section. Furthermore, one should also inspect closely the amp for obvious damages. In order to see the amp closely, you must remove the rear panel with the help of screw driver, and see whether there are any detached or loose parts. If there are any, you must reattach them, and try to check the amp yet again.

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    Loose Wires or Blown Fuses:

    Sometimes, the wires loosen up due to the vibration of the amp, and one must watch closely that there are no wires that are loosened. In addition, the fuse inside the amp sometimes blows up due to several reasons, and changing the fuse can bring your amp to life once again. Make sure that you check these elements as well while fixing your fender amp.

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    Replace Damaged Parts:

    Once you have identified that there are some parts in your amplifier that have been damaged or worn out, you must replace them with a new one. For instance, if the transistor has been damaged, you cannot repair it, and the easiest way is to replace the transistor with a new one to fix up the problem.

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    When you remove the rear panel of your amp, you will see that it has got heavy dust on it, which can sometimes make the amplifier to malfunction. Cleaning the dirt and grime with a neat but damp cloth can fix the problem.

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