How to Use a Usb Stick on Ps3

Playstation 3 or PS3 is a video game console which is manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the third instalment of video consoles made by Sony and is classified into the seventh generation of video game consoles. It mainly competes with Xbox 360 and was available in stores on November, 2006.

One of the main specifications of PS3 is that it has online system and you can even play Blu-ray movies. You can also access internet and open your mails or any websites by using your ps3. The PS3 can also be connected to Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita and have Playstation Network.

Adding further to its multiple capabilities, PS3 have USB ports so you can extend the storage space or attach keyboards or mouse. You can play media files e.g. music or movies directly after plugging your USB drive


  • 1

    Switch on the console

    First of all you need to switch on your PS3. Make sure to plug the cord on the switch and then turn it on. There is a button in the back of the PS3 which you need to switch it on as well.

  • 2

    Connect the USB Flash drive

    Next connect your USB stick into the USB ports in the PS3. These USB ports are located in front of the console. They are placed under the memory card slots and the disc tray.

  • 3

    Go to the appropriate menu

    You need to go to the right folder to play your file after plugging in your USB Flash drive. If you want to play music files then you need to go to the ‘Music’ folder.

    You will be using your PS3 controller to operate the cursor and to choose the folder.

  • 4

    Press ‘X’

    After going to your desire folder which will play the files in your USB stick, you need to highlight ‘Display All’. Then simply press the ‘X’ button on your PS3 controller and the folder will open.

  • 5

    Select the files

    In the end, simply choose the files your want to operate. You can either copy these files or simply play them. If you want to play music files then press ‘X’ on your desire song in the USB and the song will start playing.

    In case you want to copy then press ‘Triangle’ and it will eventually be copied into your PS3.

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