How to Download TV Shows To Your IPod

There have been a number of great shows airing on television over the past few years. The storyline of these shows is so addictive that its gets you hooked. However, sometimes you do not get time to catch the whole episode or are always on the move that you need to find an alternative way to watch the shows.

If you own an iPod, you can download the TV shows of your choice from the Internet and transfer them to your iPod so that you can enjoy them whenever you have spare time on your hands.


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    The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your computer has an active Internet connection. You need an Internet connection to download TV shows as well as a free iPod video conversion software. Some examples of good video conversion software for an iPod include iSquint and VideoMonkey. These software automatically convert and optimise the downloaded videos for the iPod. A lot of sites allow you to download TV shows, while charging you just a small subscription fee.

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    After you have downloaded and installed a video conversion software on your computer, double-click its icon located on the desktop to launch it. If you do not see it there, click the “Start” menu button in the bottom-left corner and move the mouse cursor to “All Programs.” You are bound to find the software launcher in the list.

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    Drag and drop the video file into the video conversation application window. You will be required to specify the settings. Simply select “Export for iPod” or “Optimise for iPod,” whichever of the two options are available. If you choose to go for a higher quality, the conversion process will take much longer to complete. The file will also take more space on your iPod. For the sake of convenience, it is best to save the converted file on the desktop.

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    Now launch iTunes by clicking its icon typically located on the desktop.

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    Drag the converted video file from the desktop to the iTunes and drop it into your music library. It will automatically be categorised under “Movies” by iTunes.

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    Now switch on your iPod and connect to the computer using the USB data cable that came with it.  Once you have connected the device to the computer, wait for a few seconds as iTunes detects it and then press the “Sync” button on iTunes if you have set up your iPod to sync automatically. If you have set up your iPod to manage songs, videos, etc. manually, then click the “Movie,” click the imported videos and then press the “Sync” button.

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