How to Convert a Micro SIM to Nano SIM

Since, the cellular technology has made its way, things are moving pretty quickly. With the introduction of smartphones, changes have been made to the hardware, and from big phones we have smaller handheld devices. With this advancement in technology, the usual SIM card was cut down in size as well, literally. As a result, Micro Sim has replaced the larger ones. Apple has further reduced the size of the Sim jacket. Those who are using iPhone 5 need a Nano Sim instead of a Micro.

According to Apple, iPhone 5 is the slimmest smartphone at present. No one can deny this, because the latest model is 18% slimmer than the previous one, 4S.

To reduce thickness, Apple had to change the whole structure. Now, the iPhone users use a new lightning connector instead of the old 30-pin connecter. The new slim iPhone does not have enough space for a standard or Micro Sim,because  now it is the time of Nano Sim.

If you need a Nano Sim, there are two different ways of getting it. You can either go to your network’s service centre, or turn your current card into a Nano Sim at home.

Things required:

– A printer
– A4-sized page
– Tape
– Ruler and marker
– Scissors
– Sandpaper or file


  • 1

    First of all, you need to take a printout, describing the actual size of the Nano Sim. You can take measurements manually, but it is always better to print an original-size diagram of the Nano Sim. Place your standard Sim on the page, and cut the extra part.

    If you don’t have printer, you may borrow the Nano Sim from your friend, and trace its image on paper.

  • 2

    When cutting your Sim after placing on the page, you need to hold it firmly. The best option is to stick the Sim onto the paper with tape, so that it does not move.

  • 3

    To mark the size accurately, use a ruler and marker. Highlight the edges with the help of the marker. Once you have marked it, remove the tape.

  • 4

    Now, it is time to use the cutter. You need to be careful, because you might end up damaging the Sim card. Hold the Sim firmly and slowly cut it.

  • 5

    To avoid any damages, you need to smooth out the edges. For this, you can use sandpaper. You have to be very careful again, because any extra force could damage the whole Sim. Once the edges are smooth, your Nano Sim is ready to use.

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