How to Make a Custom Leather Case for Your Electronics

Owning one form or the other of an electronic device is the only way to live now. At any given point in time, just about everyone has to have at least one piece of technology with them.

This could range from cell phones, to tablets, to laptops and so on and so forth.

However, with so many people having so many similar things, just about everyone wants to try and get the edge over each other, at least visually.

Now this edge can be brought about in a number of ways, but the best way to really look over the top and better than everyone else is to have a custom leather case for your device.


  • 1

    Select and measure device

    The first step to building your custom leather case, is for you to go on and select the device that you want to make a case for. This is important since each device will need to have each case for it built separately.

    Now once you go on and pick out the device that you want to build the case for, you need to measure it.

    Having measured it, you will have to go ahead and get appropriate amounts of leather so that you can encase the whole device in it.

  • 2

    Cut and shape leather

    After having cut the leather to size, based on the device that you have picked, you need to figure out what style you want to build the case in.

    You can browse through various designs online, or come up with one yourself. However, once you do settle for a style, you should cut out the leather appropriately and then stitch it together.

    This needs to be done with a lot of care, so that no loose edges are left out, and to ensure that the stitches are stable.

  • 3

    Finish up

    After having done all the above steps, you need to go ahead and finish up the case. You need to trip away any loose edges and add any more things that you want to. This could include studs, or any other design related additions, which could make the case look a whole lot cooler than it already is.

    This is a very important part to customizing your case and you should really put your mind into it before you go ahead and finalize and finish up the case.

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