How to Make an Inspirational Slide Show for Your IPod

Apple iPod is one of the most famous and widely used media player devices. It offers numerous built-in features to its user and an ultimate experience with the music, pictures and videos. In addition, you can also surf the internet on this device and can use various apps from the Apple store according to your requirements.

Making an inspirational slideshow for your iPod is a great fun. You get a chance to edit some of your favourite photos which you can see at any time to inspire yourself. You can take help from the given steps to make the slideshow for your iPod.


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    First of all, you need to have a computer, good internet connection, iTunes, iPod and USB cable.

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    Then, you have to find your sense of inspiration which means what are the things which inspires you. It is not difficult to search inspirational photos if you know what inspires you. You can search for the photos of great leaders who have changed the whole world with their remarkable characteristics and honest opinions. Besides, you can search for the photos of great artists who inspire everyone with their tremendous work. Furthermore, you can find the photos of great sportsmen who have made their country proud with their achievements. If you don’t find people inspiring, you can just search for the pictures of natural landscapes, space, stars or planets. You can also search for photos of sports cars which signify about speed. In addition, you may find the photos of animals who cope well with their rivals well as inspiring.

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    After searching the photos which inspire you, just copy them to your computer. You can also add different kind of taglines beneath the photos in order to deliver their message. For instance, you if find a photo of Paralympics champion, you can add a tagline, ‘Never give up in your life’.

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    Then, make a folder in your computer and put all the photos in it.

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    Now, connect you iPod with your computer with the help of your USB cable. The iTunes will automatically open. However, if it is not opened, just double-click on its icon on the desktop or click on it in the list of programmes given in the start menu.

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    You will see your iPod’s name at the left side of your iTunes screen. Just import that folder of pictures in your iTunes library and sync you iPod afterwards to copy them. Enjoy your inspirational photos as a slideshow.

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