How to Use a Les Paul Style Guitar Headstock

A Les Paul guitar is always different from the other ones. If you are planning to purchase one, you should be sure about it. It is a little different from the usual Stratocasters and the company Gibson is famous for making the perfect Les Paul in the world. The major difference between the two or even the different types of guitars, from Les Paul, is the fact that its headstock resembles that of an acoustic guitar. However, if you know how to use an acoustic, or even any other guitar; then you will definitely know how to use this guitar.


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    You must start off by getting rid of the older strings. In case you do not have strings from the start, then you will not have a problem. However, if you do have old strings, then the headstock can come in handy if you want to replace them. The process is not too difficult. You should know what you are supposed to do. Either cut off the strings which are already present, because taking them out from a Les Paul is extremely hard. However, even threading them out isn’t a bad option. You will have to turn your guitar and take the strings out from the back. Moreover, you should keep in check the nut or even the pegs which are usually not a part of any other guitar.

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    It has been informed before that a Les Paul headstock is extremely different from the one which a usual electric guitar has to offer. The tuning pegs are mostly in a straight line whenever you are purchasing a guitar. However, in the case of a Les Paul, they are just like the acoustic guitar. They are in a formation also known as a 3-by-3. It means that 3 are at the top, while the other 3 are down. Therefore, you must start tuning the guitar just like you would tune your acoustic guitar. It isn’t too difficult, once you start to get the hold of things.

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    Now once you have removed the strings, you must put in new strings. You should start off by turning your guitar and inserting the strings from behind. Turn the guitar and put it straight. Now, you have the option to pull the strings out. Once they are out, take them all the way up to the headstock. Thread each and every string through the tuning tool. Keep turning it until and unless it is tight enough. New strings keep getting loose; but soon you get the gist of things and you understand the whole procedure.

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