How to Troubleshoot No Dial Tone on your Phone Line

If you pick up your land line and there is no dial tone on it, be patient before calling your phone service company to come over and fix the problem. You can first check if you can solve the issue yourself by doing a little troubleshooting. It can help you find out if the problem lies with the provider’s equipment, or if your phones or phone jacks are not working properly. Majority of the phone companies are just accountable for repairing their equipment outside your house. However, if you have a maintenance agreement signed to get repairs inside your home then it is possible. By checking yourself you can fix a faulty jack, or calling an expert to get the job done.


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    See if phones lines are working fine

    Find out whether the extra phone lines in your home are operational. If they are not working, then call your phone company and tell them the issue you are facing. Check if all the phone receivers in your home are placed properly. Make sure all phone lines are plugged into the phone jack. However, if you encounter an issue with only one phone, put in another phone into the jack. If this phone is working fine, then know that your first phone is faulty and you need to replace it.

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    Call on your phone line

    Place a call on your home number from a cell phone to see if it rings and if it does, then see what happens. You may the phone line ringing or it might go to your voice mail provided that you have subscribed the particular service. You can also get a busy signal or hear a voice saying that the phone is out of service or the service has been disabled. Call your phone operator if the situation occurs in the last two cases.

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    Further instructions

    Unplug every phone and answering machine in your home one by one. Wait around half a minute after unplugging the phone device. Get another phone to check if you get a dial tone in it. If such is the case, then your phone is faulty. In the other case, unplug phones again and see if you hear a dial tone. If you come across a phone that still does not work, plug all your phones and check then. The phones that do not work need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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