Sony Smart watch Gets Extra Speed

The Sony SmartWatch is a music player extension that you can use to control music on your phone from your Sony SmartWatch. It’s extremely easy to have the entire track being played on your wrist and you can easily navigate through tracks right from the watch while the actual content is kept in your smart phone. The Sony SmartWatch is based on an open source, i.e. music extension which works with the Android vanilla Music player. Although Sony is not the only manufacturer of the product, it’s currently having a lead in the market.


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    The Sony SmartWatch works with your Android smart phone to share control so that you can play music or other functions on your wrist. The screen is touch based and allows for the user to control many different functions with his or her paired Android device. The Sony SmartWatch can be attached using a USB cable which makes it extremely convenient for the user.

    The Sony SmartWatch uses Bluetooth 3.0 for connectivity and is perfectly paired for their Xperia line of smart phones. However, if your smart phone has Bluetooth 3.0 then there is a good chance that your Android set will be supported by the Sony SmartWatch.

    By providing a secondary type display for your Android handset, the Sony SmartWatch can be very useful for those that want to have the ability to control their music remotely and maybe even use some apps away from the actual handset.

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    Current Update:

    Current update for the Sony SmartWatch includes enhancements in multiple areas that are noteworthy. The Sony SmartWatch now has better usage support for Smartwatch Application and Endomondo Sports Tracker. Besides that other tweaks include smooth running of the Music Player, Weather app, and quick access and running of many third-party apps.

    Sony’s upgrade is mainly to keep their user base as there are number of smart watches being developed and some are available in the market, like the Pebble smart watch which has already managed to raise $8 million funding. Sony seems to realise the competition well and that is why it is coming out with updates.

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    How to Update:

    Although the update for Sony SmartWatch is up on Google Play Store, Sony has not announced any information on updating your device as of yet. Sony has said that the current users will be notified on their Android phones about the update when it’s available for them. So if you’re one of those you’ll probably need to wait a bit more!

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