How to Sync a Playlist on an IPod

iPod was indeed a huge revolution in the music industry, with Apple’s music device boasting a massive capacity to store songs. Music lovers all across the globe were really glad to be able to carry their favourite music around, listening to it anywhere and anytime they wanted to.

Apple has kept the process of updating your iPod music library through iTunes really simple. If you want to sync a playlist on your iPod, you will simply have to connect your Apple music device with your computer, launch iTunes, perform a few clicks and you will be done.


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    Launch iTunes by clicking its icon, which is typically located on the desktop of your computer. If you do not see the icon there, click the “Start” menu button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, move the mouse cursor to “All Programs” and click iTunes in the new menu that slides open.

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    After you have launched iTunes, create a playlist in it. The software has the option of either creating a playlist for you automatically, or let you create the playlist manually by selecting the songs you want to add to it individually. Choosing the latter will allow you to have a much more personalised playlist and is therefore the option you are more likely to go for.

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    In order to start creating a playlist, locate and click on the “File” menu and the select “New Playlist” from the new menu that appears. You will be asked to enter a name for your playlist. After you have created a name for your playlist, you will find it displayed in the side-bar menu, under the heading “Playlists.”

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    Now access your music library by locate and clicking on the “Music” tab, which is located under the “Library” heading in the side-menu.

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    Once you have reached your music library, select the songs you want to add to your new playlist by either right-clicking on them individually, or selecting more than music file and then collectively adding them to your playlist, again by selecting the appropriate action from the right-click menu.

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    Now that you have are done creating your new playlist and adding songs to it, connect your iPod to your computer using the USB data cable that came with it. Wait for a few seconds while iTunes detects your Apple device.

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    Once you see the iPod icon appear on iTunes, click on the “iPod” icon located in the side-menu to open your iPod music library.

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    At the bottom of your iPod library screen, you will notice a menu titled “Autofill From.” Click it to fill your Apple music device with songs from whichever playlist you specify.

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