How to Select a Projector

Projectors come in different shapes, models and sizes. Thus choosing the best projector for you can be a very difficult task. You need to watch out different aspects before buying or renting a projector.


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    Size of the room

    First of all you need to measure the size of the room or place you want to hang the projector.

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    Types of projectors

    There are mainly two types of projectors:

    - Liquid crystal display (LCD)
    - Digital light processing (DLP)

    Both types of projectors are almost of same prices but liquid crystal display projectors have better sharpness whereas digital light processing projectors have better depths of their dark colours.

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    Projector’s resolution

    Next you need to check the resolution of a projector. In order to select a projector with a better image display then you need to get a projector with higher resolution. This is because higher resolution projectors will have higher amount of pixels or the tiny colour dots.

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    One of the factors you should look upon while selecting a projector is its brightness. You can measure the brightness of a projector in lumens. In order to get a brighter and more lively-pictured projector then you need to select a projector with more lumens available. Higher lumen projectors are mostly used in rooms or places where there is more light. The range of lumens in a projector is 1000 to 1000. For rooms which are smaller and with less light, you can choose projectors with under 2000 lumen range.

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    Contrast ratio

    Next you need to determine what contrast ratio or the light dark intensity ratio of the projector you require. This ratio will tell that how well the projector hands the light and dark colours.

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    Aspect ratio

    You need to check the aspect ratio of the projector which you will set to view. It is the calculated width by height to scale of the picture you are viewing. In order to view in high definition you can set 16:9 ratio. For normal viewing 4:3 is the standard size.

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    Estimated audience

    You need to determine the estimated audience which will see the video or slides. For bigger audience you will need a projector which portrays a bigger image and vice versa. For a better image, you need to get a higher lumen range projector.

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