How to Make a VCD Movie from a Sony Handycam

Have you just bought a Sony handycam or you got it as a gift on last Christmas? Either way you are really a lucky person, as Sony Handycams are one of the best in the market these days. If you want to use your handycam to make top quality videos, then you should thoroughly go through its instructions manual. If you want to learn different functions yourself, then you should experiment different options available. There are different models of Sony Handycams available in the market. Yet, most of them offer same functions, with variety in quality and technology.


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    If your handycam uses tape to record videos, then insert a new tape inside the cam. The latest models of the Sony Handycams use SD cards to record videos. If you have the latest version, then you only need to free some space in the card in order to use it to save video files. Once you are done with inserting the tape, turn on the handycam. The power button should be prominent on your device, no matter what model you are using.

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    Open the LCD panel of the handycam. It will allow you to see the content that you are covering for your video. Moreover, recent handycams offer many onscreen options, which you can use to set the preferences of the video file, such as colours and modes. You can consult the user’s manual, in order to get a better idea about the options that are available to you.

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    Once you are done with configuring the settings, you can record the video by pressing the red button at the back of the camera; at the side which is facing you. Right after you press the button, the red button will start blinking on the LCD screen, with time ticking. Pressing the red button again will stop stop your handycam from recording. If you are using the cam with SD card, then the file will get saved automatically.

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    You can now check the video by changing the mode of the handycam from video making to play mode. Now, select the video you just created and it will be played on the handycam LCD screen. You can also connect the handycam with Television or computer, to watch the video on the big screen.

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