How to Improve Battery Life of IPod Touch

Using iPod Touch is an amazing experience for music lovers but you might get frustrated by how quickly its battery drains out. Charging your iPod again and again can be an annoying task. However, there are certain ways which are very effective in increasing the battery timing of your iPod Touch and you can listen to your favourite music for a longer period of time. All you need to do is customise some specific settings in your iPod and your device will eat up lesser battery while fully functional.


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    Start with draining your iPod Touch’s battery completely to zero and then plug in the charger. Recharge its battery to 100 per cent and this will reset the battery, allowing it to be used to its full lifespan. It is better to perform this task at least once a month.

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    You don’t need to increase your iPod’s screen brightness to the full, as it is one of the major sources of draining battery. It is better to decrease the brightness of your iPod Touch. Open up the menu and go to the ‘Settings’. You will find the ‘Brightness’ tab at the fifth place. Open it up to adjust the screen brightness. Move the adjusting bar towards left to decrease the brightness to the lowest level where you are comfortable to view the screen.

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    A number of options in your iPod keep on draining battery even when you are not using them. You have to turn them off when you don’t need them and this will add a lot of life to your battery. Go to ‘Settings’ and then tap ‘Wifi’ option. You should only turn off the Wifi when you use internet on your iPod and better turn it off when not in use.

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    Just like Wifi, your iPod’s Bluetooth , Edge and SSH are other functions which you don’t use every time but keeping them switched on continues to drain battery at rapid pace. Make sure to turn off all these features when you are not using them at all.

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    Don’t turn off your iPod when not in use and just put it under sleep mode instead. iPod consumes far more battery to get shut down and start up again, than it does under the dormant sleep mode. Set your iPod touch to automatically enter sleep mode with 1 to 3 minutes time and this will also help extending battery life.

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