How to Stream Video to a TV

Do you have an interesting video saved on your computer and want play it on your large size LED Television, then you have reached the right place, as this article will explain on how you can easily connect your computer with the television.

Many people may find it really difficult to connect the computer with television. However, the reality is completely different, as it requires only two wires to make a connection between them. Moreover, there are other methods too, such as creating wireless connection to view videos on the TV and using USB flash drive to transfer the videos to the TV.


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    If you have a laptop computer, then you should make sure that the VGA output port is installed in your system. In the meantime, you should also make sure that the VGA input port is installed in your model of television.

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    Visit a nearby computer shop and ask for the VGA cable, which will be used to connect your laptop with television. Also, buy an audio cable, which you will use to transfer the audio of the file that you want to play on TV from laptop to TV.

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    Place the laptop near your computer. Connect the VGA cable with laptop output from one end and use the other end to connect to television VGA input port. Now, connect the audio cable with the laptop, audio output with the jack at one end and use the other jack in order to connect to TV’s audio input port.

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    The system is now ready to send the audio and video signals to your television. Now, take the remote in your hand and open the input menu of your TV. You will see a number of input options, such as TV, USB, HDMI1, HDMI2, PC, etc. appearing on the screen. Move to PC and press “OK” button on your remote or any other alternate button.

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    Your windows desktop will now appear on the TV screen. Using your laptop, locate the video file and double click on it. The video will now start playing on your television.

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    You can also play video files on TV without connecting your laptop with television. For this purpose, you will need to convert the file to your TV’s recognised format and then save it on USB. Make sure your TV accepts USB flash drive. Connect the USB flash drive with the TV and set the mode to USB in TV. Select the file which you want to play, and press play button on your remote.

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