How to Sync All Songs on an IPod

Apple iPod is one of the most widely used devices around the world. You can keep your songs, videos, messages and other stuff in it. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and you can carry it with you anywhere you want. You can also use numerous apps on your iPod as per your requirements.

You can easily sync all your songs from your computer to your iPod. All you need is iTunes installed in your PC and a USB cable to connect your iPod. You can take help from the given steps to sync your songs on your iPod.


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    First of all, you have to install iTunes in your computer. Just go to the Apple website and find the link for iTunes. Download the software and then run the file to install it on your PC. Installation will take few minutes and you may have to restart your computer to finalise the process.

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    After installing iTunes on your computer, import all your songs into its library by clicking on ‘File’ option and selecting ‘Import’. After importing, you can also create playlists of your songs in iTunes.

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    Connect your iPod with it by the help of USB. You PC will automatically detect the iPod and iTunes will be opened. If iTunes doesn’t open itself, just double-click on its icon on the desktop or open it from programmes by going to the start menu.

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    You will see your iPod’s name appearing on the left side of iTunes, click on it. You will see some information about your device and some setting options on your screen.

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    Click on the ‘Music’ tab and check the ‘Sync Music’ option. Then, select ‘All Songs and Playlist’ and click ‘Apply’ button.

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    Now, click on ‘File’ option and select ‘Sync iPod’. If you have given any name to your iPod, it will show you the option ‘Sync (iPod’s name)’.

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    Syncing will take a little time to complete depending upon the size of the files. Wait until you find out that all the songs have been synced to your iPod. Now, check you iPod whether it has all the songs which you wanted and click the ‘Eject’ button next to the iPod’s icon.

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    After hitting the ‘Eject’ button, you have to wait until ‘Do not Display’ message appears on your screen. Then, unplug your iPod and enjoy your songs.

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