How to Build a Simple Working Robot

The days of clerks and housekeepers are apparently coming to a bitter end with the advent of robots that can do all the work and all the housekeeping you need to be done. Although robotics is a technology that is still in a more or less beta phase, it is clear that eventually, the brainy people at the laboratories will be able to decipher the code to make a robot tick. Even now, there are robots that can do small things at your place and if you know a little bit about small-scale gadgets, you can make your very own robot.

And, most of the things that are required to make a robot are available in most of the stores.

Things Required:

– AA battery holder of any type
– Solder wire
– Wires
– AA Energizer batteries
– Two 1.5V motors
– ON/OFF slide switch
– 2 SPDT switches
– Paperclip
– Glue stick

And even if you are too lazy to go down the store, you can get all the aforementioned things from broken toys or some old radio that never tunes to any channel. The AA battery will hold the batteries and the solder wire will solder the components.

Now it’s time to get some tools that you would require to build a robot. Go and look for a wire cutter, pliers, glue gun, soldering iron and a multimeter which will give you an idea about the strength of your batteries. Now that you have got everything you need, it’s time to start working on your very own robot.


  • 1

    First, take the soldering iron and cut three pieces of wire and solder them to the ends of the battery holder. Now glue the holder with a hot glue gun and try to make it look as perfect as possible.

  • 2

    Making the antenna is very important so with the pliers, bend your paperclip in a straight line or as straight as you can.

  • 3

    Cut the antenna with a wire cutter and then bend each line.

  • 4

    Now, glue the two antennas on top of the SPDT switches.

  • 5

    Take the motors and try gluing them at an angle of at least 40 degrees if possible.

  • 6

    What’s the use of a robot that has no wheels? You can’t really buy small wheels so it’s better to take them out of some toy. Glue the wheels on the back of the AA Battery Holder but try not to glue too much.

  • 7

    Now connect the wires as best you can to all the battery and motor sockets.

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