How to Connect Fax Machine with Digital Phone Line

If you are running a business or working in an officetheyou must be aware of the importance of the fax. Emails certainly have made things different and easier, but there are still no questions over the worth of a fax machine, that allows you to send a copy of a document within no time to another person via phone line.

The digital technology has changed the entire scenario over the past few years. Since, all the businesses are quickly switching to digital lines, you either need to get a digital-capable fax machine or an expensive server. The latest fax machines work on both digital and analog phones lines, but the older models still have functionality issues.

In this situation, those who have older models feel really awkward. But there is nothing to worry about. Now, there are several ways to make your fax machine work with digital phone lines.

Things Required:

– Digital line converter


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    First of all, make sure both fax machine and digital phone line are working properly. After making sure that there are no basic problems, plug in the line from analog out to fax machine.

    You have to be very careful when using the digital line converter. A converter always has a couple of ports. You need to connect the phone line from the ‘Analog Port’ into the machine’s port that says ‘Line in’.

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    Now, it is the time to plug in digital line into the converter. When selecting a converter, you must buy the best one. A few cheap converters usually work in the beginning, but soon stop functioning.

    After plugging in the digital line into the converter, plug this line into converter’s digital line port, named as ‘Digital Line’. The job is almost done now.

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    In this step, you need to power up the converter. It will turn on as soon as the button is pushed. If you are facing any problem at this stage, your converter may have an issue. Check the back of the unit, and if the problem still persists, you need to change the converter.

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    If your converter is running properly, you must move on, and take the final step. It is now the time to test the machine. Send a test fax to make sure that all the apparatus is working properly. You may also send a page to another machine to ensure proper functioning of the machine.

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