Top 10 Best Operating Systems in the World

In the modern world of today, operating systems have created quite a debate. While some people are comfortable using Windows, other want to either use Android of iOS. It depends upon the level of innovation and comfort which the operating system provides to its users. Here is a list of the top 10 best operating systems in the world at the moment.


  • 1


    Yes, despite the fact that Android and iOS has managed to gain so much fame recently, Windows is still the most used and most comfortable Operating System to use. Several people use Windows around the globe and believe that it is still the best operating system in the world. There most recent operating system, Windows 8.1, is absolutely different from their traditional look and they have managed to attract several people by launching it.

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    Ubuntu is actually a mixture of Windows and Mac. Once you start using Ubuntu, you will realize that it looks exactly like Mac but has shortcut keys exactly like Windows. Most recently it has managed to gain a lot of fame since it is quite user friendly.

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    Mac is an operating system made by Apple. Yes, the oh-so-famous Steve Jobs has done it again. With pre-installed Mac operating systems in Apple laptops, Mac has managed to gain a lot of fame in the world of today. In fact, in Europe, Mac gives direct competition to Windows installed computers.

    MAC OS
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    The best thing about Linux is the fact that it is a free Operating System. People who have used Linux always talk about how stable it is. Just like most operating systems, Linux can work on both, laptops and desktops. Moreover, it has all the important softwares available in its package.

    linux os
  • 5


    One of those operating systems which have taken the world by storm. This OS has looked Apple in the eye and openly challenged it. This is the reason why several big companies are using Android as their operating system at the moment. Samsung, Sony and even LG are relying on this particular Operating System.

    android os
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    The most famous characteristic of Fedora is that it does not crash at all. People who simply love to use an operating system which runs smoothly most definitely opt for Fedora.

  • 7


    Another famous phone-based Operating System. Apple released iOS and have managed to make lots of profit with its help. The latest version in the iOS 7 and even though it has not been welcomed by iPhone users, it is still considered to be one of the strongest and most stable Operating System in the world.

    ios os
  • 8

    Google Chrome OS

    Used in Chromebook and other Chrome-related gadgets. Since it is powered by Google, it has managed to gain a lot of fame in almost no time. It is famous for the security it has to offer.

    chrome os
  • 9

    Back Track

    Back Track is famous in the world of hacking. Several hackers claim that they have used Back Track to hack other people’s devices. This is the reason why it has gained so much fame over the years.

    back track os
  • 10


    Symbian was brought up by Nokia and once it was considered to be the best Operating System in the world. However, Nokia is now relying on Windows since they have purchased the company. Symbian was, without a doubt, one of the most stable Operating Systems in the world.

    symbian os

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