How to Use a Photocopier Machine

A photocopier machine is used to copy papers, images or any other sheets easily and in less cost. It is used in almost every office or educational institutes. They are also placed in front of courts or other law enforcement offices where you require to submit copy of your original documents.


  • 1

    Switch on your photocopy machine

    First of all you need to switch on your photocopying machine. Simply plug it in a switch board and turn on the button.

    After turning on power from the switch board, you need to turn on the photocopy machine. Usually this button is place on the top or the backside of photocopy machine.

  • 2

    Wait for warm up

    Next you need to wait few seconds until the photocopy machine is warmed up.

    You will hear a sound which will indicate that your machine is warmed up and can be used now.

  • 3

    Fill machine with papers

    After the machine is ready to use, you need to insert papers. Open the tray which is located in the front side and put the papers in. There will be different sizes of trays in it and you need to fill out the tray for the size of paper you require.

  • 4

    Place the object which you want to copy

    Place the papers or sheets you want to copy in the photocopy machine after filling it out with papers. You need to open the top of the photocopy machine in order to place the object you want to copy. Place the object in the corner.

  • 5

    Close the top

    After placing the papers which need to be copied, close the lid of the photocopy machine.

  • 6

    Select the quality

    Select your desired quality of copying after closing the lid. You can do this by adjusting the setting in the touch screen.

    You can select whether you want a coloured or black and white photocopy. You will also choose the number of copies you desire in this step.

    Remember that you can also select the brightness and contrast level here.

  • 7


    In the end, press the ‘Copy’ button and your piece of paper will be photocopied.

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