How to Refresh XM Radio Signal

XM radio is an American satellite radio that comes as an option feature with eleven cars manufactured by different manufacturers. Sometimes signals are completely dead, but you can refresh them and they return to full strength. Although satellite radio receiver is directly linked to satellite, the process of setting them again is similar to other radio stations. There is no particular reason for intermittent failure of XM radio signals, they can be dead sometimes more frequently, but are easier to refresh.


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    Positioning Antenna

    To refresh the signals of XM radio, you will have to reset the antenna signal skywards. If you are refreshing the car radio signals and your car is parked inside a garage or any other location that prevents direct signals from satellite, take your car out of the garage and park outside. Once the antenna is cleared, it can receive signals to full strength.

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    Tuning Station

    After clearing the antenna direction, tune your radio station to 'O' channel, and observe alphanumeric code appearing on the screen. This is XM radio ID. Do not use the words 'I', 'F', 'O' and 'S' in the radio ID. This is difficult part of refreshing the signal. In case you use wrong codes and signals in the radio ID, it will not allow you to set the signals to the right code.

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    Tuning Radio Channels

    Once you enter the right code, you will need to tune the radio channels. First of all, tune the radio to channel '1' . Do not access the radio to other channels. If you are unable to access the channel 1, do the process once again.

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    Direct Browser to XM Radio

    After tuning the radio to channel 1, access the internet to direct the browser to XM radio. Log into the XM radio channel. Take the pointer on the 'help and support' on the top. After you access the radio website, click on the fresh my radio button, and wait for a while it refreshes the signals of your radio.

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    Activation Request

    You will need to feed the radio's ID in the text box. The box is labelled as 'Radio ID' , ESN or SID. Once you have done it, send the activation request. Be careful while feeding the ID and do not use wrong code. You will have to reset the activation request again or it might lock the system and you have to perform the entire process once again.

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    Refreshing Signals

    After sending activation request, wait for about five minutes before your signals are refreshed. You will receive a message after the signals reappear again. The message can vary from time to time, but it nevertheless confirms you that you can use the radio once again.

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