How to Record a VHS on a VCR

Video Cassette Recorders are used to record signals to VHS cassettes, after  receiving them from antenna or any other cable or satellite TV service. There was a time when it was really easy to record analogue signals using VCRs. However, with the advent of digital signals, it has now become a bit tricky to record VHS on a VCR. Previously, there was a possibility to change the channel on TV, without affecting the recording on VHS. This is not the case anymore. Now, the channel changing process is usually done by signal converter box, which provides signals to both the VCR and the television. Still, recording to VHS is possible, if the VCR is connected properly.


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    Locate the "TV out" terminal on your VCR, and connect it with your television. You will find another terminal named "TV in" right besides the TV out terminal. Connect it with the digital satellite cable or the digital signal converter box. Now, tune your television, according to your VCR. Some televisions need signal tuning, and others have specific buttons on remote to automatically detect such devices. Set the station of the VCR, as required by your converter box.

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    Access  the station, using your converter box, which you want to record. The station will automatically start appearing on your television, as the VCR will take the signal from the converter box and broadcast it to the television. Make sure the signals are strong, in order to record a good quality video to the VHS.

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    Take a VHS cassette tape and insert it into the VCR. This tape will be used to record the video. The tape may start playing automatically. In such case, press the stop button on your VCR or on the remote. If required, rewind the tape completely.

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    When you plan to start recording a program, running on your favourite channel, press the record button on your VCR or the remote. The recording will start and you can also set automatic stop timing, by going through the VCRs instructions manual. Different models use different ways to set the timers. So, you should carefully check the instructions manual, in order to give the right command to your VCR.

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    You can skip the commercial or any part of the program that you do not want to record, by pressing the pause button. When you plan to continue recording again, press the pause button again.  Press the stop button when you want to end the recording on VHS.

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