How to Install Satellite TV Equipment

If you plan on having a satellite TV at your disposal, you should come up with a well thought out plan as most of the subscriptions have a lock-in period that usually lasts for around 12 months. With this setup, the provider will install all the equipment free of charge. However, you should be aware of the fact that the cost is covered through a monthly subscription fee. So, in order to avoid paying for the setup through contractual obligations, it is better that you install it on your own or with the help of someone who knows how to.


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    You must read some literature and ask experienced people about the various Satellite TV systems available in the market. If you have a friend who owns a satellite TV system, drop by his place and ask all the technical questions that you come up with. It is important to know about all the technicalities before you buy an equipment so a good background check won’t hurt.

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    Depending on the kind or type of subscription you want, decide which equipment will go well with your television set. Give a look to all available models in the market and also read online reviews which are very helpful in giving you an idea about the efficiency and durability of the equipment.

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    Keeping in view your budget, choose a model of the satellite dish. If it is still working effectively, there is no harm in buying a used satellite equipment. Furthermore, if you watch only a few channels, it is better to have a dish with just one output. If you watch a lot of channels, then you would be needing a more sophisticated model such as the quad output dish which will be expensive.

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    Now that you have bought your satellite dish, it is time for you to decide where you want it installed. You can have a better idea about your dish’s position by having a look at how your neighbours have adjusted their dishes. The antennas would be aimed at a particular direction so you should follow suit.

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    Make sure that the dish is set up far away from trees, cables and electrical wiring in order to avoid accidents. Furthermore, if you reside in a region known for its volcanic activity and tremors, secure the nuts and bolts with a sealant. And, if there are robberies all over the park, secure the equipment.

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    People living in the northern hemisphere point their satellite dish towards south while those living in the southern hemisphere point it to the north to get signals.

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    Before making your installation permanent, test the signal reception. Then, tune the channels through the Digital Video Recorder.

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