How to Schedule your Mac to Power up Automatically

Apple is known for producing very user friendly, high-end media and entertainment devices including the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computer. Apple Macintosh is an extremely user friendly operating system and it provides some very useful tools to play with. One such tool is Scheduling. Suppose you wake up daily at 8 am and every time you immediately start using your Mac and you have to turn it on yourself. But there is a way to automate the schedule of your Mac. You can create a daily, weekly or specific schedule.


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    You can see an Apple logo on the top left corner of your Mac screen. Click there and then from the scroll down menu, chose “System Preferences”.

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    Another window with different system preferences will pop up. Under the “hardware” heading, you can see “Energy saver” option. Click there.

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    It will open your energy saver preferences. Click on “Schedule”.

  • 4

    From a new window, check the box for “Start up or wake”.

  • 5

    Now from a drop down menu of frequency, select the schedule which suits you best and also indicate the timers.

    Once you are done, press ok.

    Restart your Mac.

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    If you have any issues then start these instructions again but take your time so that you do not skip any step. You can also go online and find plenty of resources like websites or forums that deal with Apple products especially the Mac. Make sure that you take some time and go over the previous posts to see if your problem has already been resolved by some experienced user. You will find a lot of expert users that are willing to lend you a hand with some decent tricks, tips and advice that you can use to help streamline your Mac. Remember that you can also ask your own specific questions by posting on a forum and get some additional assistance. Also, do not forget to check online for various video tutorials that you can use to get a better understanding of how to use or modify your Mac. These videos are a great way to learn different tricks as you can see the modifications done in a similar fashion in the tutorial.

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    Find a decent bookstore or local library for some excellent books and guides related to Mac computers. You will find some very good books that you can check out and study. Once you learn more about the Apple Macintosh computers, you will definitely have a better understanding of how to do all the necessary tweaks and settings that suit you.

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