How to resolve Xbox Error 80070185, 8007019c, or 8007274c

Most of the Xbox Live users suffers from a common error while using their Xbox console i.e “Some Xbox LIVE content is temporarily unavailable. You can still access your profile, communicate with other players, and play games online.” In this error you may have access to some features but can’t get access to all of them. The system might sometimes allow you to have access to some of the features and may be next time you try to open that feature you would have no more access to that. If you are looking for the solution to resolve this problem, then you will get all the information about it right here at our step by step guide given below:


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    Download the content again

    First of all, try to download your content for a second time from your download history. Here’s how:

    -  Log in to Xbox LIVE using your console.
    - Select “setting” and after that select “Account”.
    - Next step is to select “Download History”.
    - Look through the download history for the item you were attempting to  download and then pursue the instructions as shown on screen.

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    Maximize your network bandwidth

    Whenever you are looking to download any content from your Xbox LIVE; check that no other computer in your home is downloading or transferring any wp-content/uploads. At times, any other person in your home is using Internet, they might be using the same network bandwidth that is going to your console. For the time being you can disconnect or turn off all other devices that are linked to your home internet connection. After maximizing the network bandwidth, make another attempt to download content. If again the download fails, look for the next solution.

    Note: The total information that is being transferred over your internet connection is known as Bandwidth..

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    Try to download after some time

    It is been observed that some ISPs block or limit the large content downloads for the period of their peak-use. When an ISP "resets" a connection after some time or limits the download size, you will get an error message. Residential Internet networks are mostly considered busiest during evenings when most of the people are at their homes. You may get the best internet speed during the day time. You might get the best Internet connection speed during the day.

    If this solution does not work for you then look for the next solution.

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    Open network ports

    If you are using a firewall or a router, you may have to make a configuration adjustment to let your Xbox 360 console to correspond with Xbox LIVE. These configuration adjustments are referred to as “opening ports” or "port forwarding."

    If you don’t have the option for opening network ports, you can also try by using a modem connection to connect to Xbox LIVE. To bypass any network device (i.e. router or firewall) put one end of the networking cable into your Xbox 360 console and the other end into your modem.

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