How to Clean an Electric Shaver Head

Electric shaver is the best tool to shave your beard every day without any fear of cutting your skin. Normally, men wake up a bit late in the morning and have to rush to work. They would just pick up their electric shaver, use it quickly on their face and leave it there without cleaning hair from it. Hair keep on building within the electric shaver and a time comes when it gets jammed.

Electric shaver has blades inside which move back and forth to cut the hair on your face. Hair accumulation in the shaver’s head prevents these blades to move freely and hence your device stops working. All you need to do is open up the head of your shaver and clean up its blades properly. Make it a habit of cleaning your shaver regularly to prevent any sort of damage to it.


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    Make sure you have unplugged the electric shaver before making any attempt to clean it. This is purely for your safety.

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    Examine the protective rubber gasket beneath the cutter block. This gasket prevents any sort of debris and dirt to enter the motor area and it has to be perfectly in place to serve its true purpose. Look for any cracks in the rubber gasket and if you find one, you need to replace the gasket in order to protect the motor of your shaver.

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    Lift the cutter block off its support and this will unclip it from the shaver’s body conveniently. Clean out the cutter block with a small, soft brush. Normally, the manufacturers provide a cleaning brush along with the electric shaver but you can use any other if you didn’t get from the maker.

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    Take any cleaning fluid in a small container and dip the cutter block into it. You can simply use soapy water instead and rub it with the brush.

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    Examine your shaver to see any signs of corrosion on it. You can use an electrical contact cleaner and then use a white bond paper to burnish the corrosion spots you find on the shaver.

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    Clean up the head of your shaver with the brush and make sure not to leave any hair or debris over there.

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    Assemble the parts of your electric shaver to their position, plug it and turn it on. Spray small amount of shaving-head lubricant onto the foil and this will reduce the friction between the blades and the foil.

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