How to Access Your Modem Settings

At the moment, there are many types of Internet connections in the market. But to implement most of them, you need a modem. You can always change the settings or make adjustments to the modem yourself at home. However, you should be aware of different properties of the model to configure (or reconfigure) the modem manually.

There is always a need for checking the modem configuration or setting, when your system fails to recognize the model despite the installation. The difficulties with the connection may occur due to mismatched settings.


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    To check the settings, find "Control Panel" after clicking the "Start" button. In the menu, you will see an icon, "Modems". Check the model of the modem. If the information does not match with the equipment installed, run "Add Hardware Wizard". Make sure that the modem is connected properly before making changes to the setting.

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    If you see a list of devices, select the modem which you want to add by recognizing the modem on your system. If your modem is not available in the list of the modems, you need to install the driver. The name of your modem should appear in the list of devices.

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    Ensure the availability of equipment. Go to the "Control Panel" then click "System" and find the "device”. Select the installed modem. In the context menu, check the "Network Security" and make sure that the device is properly functioning.

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    To check the port settings, click on "Modems", choose the device installed and locate the "Properties" button. Next, click on "Binding" and check that the current port settings.

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    Check the settings for data transfer in the tab, "Modem". Click on the icon to your device, and then select "Properties." Next, go to the menu and select the "General" tab. Set the baud rate to match the capabilities of your modem.

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    Right click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties." Next, go to the "Hardware" tab and click on "Device Manager." Installed modem will appear in the list.

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    Check "Options Communications". See if any settings needed to be changed for USB modem. Next, go to "Diagnostics", check the modem settings by clicking the "Query Modem".

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