How to Promote Your ETSY Shop

Opening a shop on Etsy is really easy and you only need to create an account on the website and upload the pictures and specifications of the products that you are selling. However, it is really important to market your Etsy shop in order to increase your sales, or else you will have to rely on the organic traffic visiting Etsy to get your products sold. In order to market your Etsy shop, you only need to spend a few hours of your time, and you will witness a noticeable increase in the sales of your products in just a few days.


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    Consider sending emails to your friends and family members with a link of your Etsy shop, informing them that you own a shop at Etsy. You should also ask them to forward the email to friends and spread the word about your products. There is a high chance that some of your friends and family members will show interest in marketing your Etsy shop. You can also offer a referral bonus for each sale made through your friends and family members. However, make sure you are not giving away your profits.

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    Consider adding the link of your Etsy shop in your email signature. This way, all the recipients of your email will get to know that you own an Etsy shop. As a result, some of your recipients may like your products and place an order.

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    If you regularly participate in online forums, then you can also add your Etsy shop link in your account’s signature.

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    Consider creating a free blog on Blogger or Wordpress and include details about your products in your blog posts. You should always try to create a new post whenever you add a new item to your Etsy shop.

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    You should also make friends on Etsy, as they will probably help you in getting new customers. To make friends on Etsy, you can add others’ shops as your “Favourites”.

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    Write articles on the different products you sell on EzineArticles, and add the link to your Etsy shop in your signature. EzineArticles is a high Page Rank website, and millions of people visit this website each month to read articles on different topics. Thus, it will be a great success for you if you manage to draw some traffic to your Etsy shop through EzineArticles.

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