How to Protect Computers from Power Failures

Without any doubt, power failure problem is one of the biggest causes of computer data loss. Imagine you are preparing a very important official document or a report, and when you are about to finish and before you save it, the power goes out. As a result, you lose the entire data.

Power failures also damage the system significantly. You may find a damaged power cable or expensive hardware. Therefore, it is extremely important to safeguard your computer against such terrible occurrences.

The power issue does not take much time in destroying the system. Believe us, even a fraction of a second is enough to crash your system. Before safeguarding your computer against power problems, you must understand the kinds of electric issues.

There is a difference between a black out and brownout. The latter is a voltage drop, whereas a blackout suggests a total power loss. A sudden surge of line voltage is called a spike. These spikes usually take place in industrial parks due to heavy equipment, and usually because of poor or old wiring.

All these power problems are extremely dangerous for computers. An electric failure could destroy your hard disk that carries all the data. Even if it does not damage the entire disk, there will be a partial damage that can be far more irritating.

An electric issue not only damages the hardware, but also affects the system files. Several important files could go missing. There are many other negative aspects of a power failure. Thus, the solution must be discovered as soon as possible.


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    Surge Protector

    When it comes to the line between computer and wall socket, such protectors are extremely useful. A spike would not damage your computer, because the excess of electricity is shunted to ground.

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    Voltage Regulator

    By installing voltage regulators, one can easily avoid issues occurred by power failure. Prices of such regulators vary from case to case. You may need several thousand dollars to protect a large computer. On the other hand, a home computer can be protected through a small regulator costing only a few dollars.

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    Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

    This is possibly the best solution. A combination of rechargeable batteries and a small device, UPS saves you from a blackout or brownout. It quickly provides power to the system, when the main line goes dead. UPS may prove an expensive solution, if you are using a heavy machine.

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