How to Protect Doorknobs While Painting

Every now and then, everyone feels the need to change things around in their homes. This is usually followed by people painting their places as they look to create a new ambiance in the area where they live.

However, one of the more difficult parts of painting house is to paint the doors. This is because when you are painting doors, you tend to end up painting over the doorknobs and this tends to cause a lot of problems later on.

Not many people know that there is a solution to this rather common problem, and all that it requires is a little patience and a little know how of what you are doing.


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    Don’t paint on the doorknobs

    One of the most common mistakes people make while painting, is that they tend to get over enthusiastic. This results in them just going on and on, as they look to cover everything up with paint.

    This tends to result in door knobs being painted over, as the person who was painting probably forgot that he wasn’t supposed to paint over it.

    Hence, the simplest way to avoid painting the door knobs is to just remember not to paint them while you are in the flow of things and are looking to paint just about everything.

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    Use tape

    Now, despite people trying to remember not to paint door knobs, there is still a very high probability that they will go on and paint them any way. This is when you need to use alternative methods to avoid painting the door knob.

    One of the best ways to do this, is to use tape. Not just any tape, but tape such as masking tape, or duct tape. These tapes will act as a layer of protection on top of your doorknobs and even if you manage to get paint on the knob, they will still manage to avoid it from being covered in paint.

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    Remove doorknob

    Now if covering the knob with tape is too much for you, then the next best thing to do, is to remove the door knob from the door while you are painting it. This is going to allow you to get into areas you previously thought impossible to reach, but you are still going to be able to paint the door easily.

    Once you are done painting the door, all you have to do, is simply place the doorknob back into place.

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