How to Publish and Promote Online

Over the years, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, bringing about a revolution in the world of communication. Many individuals belonging to different fields have benefitted immensely from the internet, among them writers. As compared to the past, writing has become quite easy, because you are now provided with a great chance to promote your work over the internet. Getting a book or an article published was quite a challenging task in past, but now you can easily get your work published on different websites, and earn a fair amount of revenue to boot. However, getting the maximum amount of hits on your web page remains an art, and you have to take measures to make sure more and more people are attracted towards reading your work.


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    Start your own blog

    Most major writers maintain their own blogs, where they publish their writings and allow readers to go through articles, or a few chapters of their books. If you possess good writing skills, you should create your own blog, and keep adding new posts to it regularly. A great method for self-publishing, a blog will allow you to garner readership, stay in touch with readers, and get valuable feedback, providing you a great opportunity to enhance your skills.

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    Upload an e-book

    If you have written an entire book, you can easily upload it on your website, and promote it through different means. Write the e-book in Microsoft Word, and convert it to PDF format after thoroughly erasing the errors. If you are a renowned writer, you can earn a lot by putting a price on your e-book. However, for new writers, it is recommended that the e-book be made available for free downloads, so that more people read the work, and the writer builds a fan base and makes a name for himself/herself.

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    Use social networking websites to promote your writing

    Social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have become increasingly popular, and in addition to serving as a way to interact and keep in touch with friends and relatives, are used by many individuals and businesses for promotional means. You can use them to your advantage by sharing your work on Twitter and Facebook, and urging your friends to read it. You can also request your close friends to promote your blog or article on their Facebook walls, in addition to publicising it yourself.

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    Join public pages

    Most social networking websites offer public pages, where you can interact with millions of people and share a variety of things. You can share your writings on these pages - this is a great way to get free promotion, not to mention thousands of hits on your blog or website.

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