How to Punt a Football Properly

American football is the most popular sport in the US, where this adrenalin pumping game is literally a religion. For an outsider, this appears to be more or less a rugby like game, but there are many aspects of the game, which make it unique and add  fun.

When its fourth down and there is no chance of getting a field goal, football teams opt for a punt. It allows them to kick the ball as far forward as possible and push the opposing team back. It is not an easy part of the game to master and all teams have experts who are good at punting.

If one works hard and makes the right moves, punting in the right manner can certainly be done.


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    Your body should be well balanced during the process. Make sure that you move in a straight line and you do not have any kind of imbalance as it will make the whole affair extremely difficult to be executed successfully.

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    Catching the Ball

    The first step to punting the ball is catching it when it is thrown to the punter. Holding it upright is important for the punter. Make sure that you do not fumble the ball or hold it in incorrect manner.

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    Moving Forward

    Start moving forward before the ball is thrown to you in order to get the momentum. Take smaller steps as they will help you add speed. Taking longer steps is not advisable since it makes the balancing act difficult.

    Take a slightly longer step with the right foot and then a larger step with the left foot before you kick. Make sure that you move straight since the players protecting the punter may not be able to provide safety as effectively on the flanks.

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    Kicking or punting needs you to concentrate. Once you have taken the final two steps, which are more like two and a half steps, you need to kick the ball. Make sure that you are moving in a straight line and your body is in unison. You must not be falling over while you punt.

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