How to Put an Android Phone Into Airplane Mode

Mobile phone usage when flying is highly prohibited, no matter which service you are using. It is because you mobile signals may disturb airplane’s communication system. It is very important for the pilot to always stay in touch with the tower, therefore you cannot put your and others’ life in danger.

The simplest way to stop your phone from getting signals is to put it into Airplane Mode. This option completely shuts down the service and as a result, you avoid disturbance for the plane. Millions of people use Android Phones these days, and it is important for them to know how to put the phone into Airplane Mode.

Here we discuss this procedure for the users of Ice-cream Sandwich – one of the most advanced operating systems by Android.


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    First of all, make sure you mobile phone is switched on. You can push wake-up button to turn the screen on. Unlock your mobile phone, if you have put any screen lock.

    Once you have reached the home screen, things become very simple. Push the menu button, and you will enter the main menu, where you find plenty of icons.

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    Find the icon for Settings. You menu may have multiple screens, so scroll down to find out the icon. After finding the Setting icon, you need to push it to enter the settings. Here you see plenty of options, like Wifi, Bluetooth, Profiles, Sound and others.

    Ignoring all, you need to go to ‘More’. In some phones, you may find the Airplane Mode option in profiles. However, most of the Android Phones have it in More.

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    It is very simple afterward. Once you enter More, your screen will show 4-5  different options. Right above VPN, Tethering & portable hotspot, and Mobile networks, you see Airplane Mode. Check the box right in front of the text, and your phone will go to Airplane Mode.

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    The job is not over yet. You have to make sure that there is no issues, and you phone actually have gone to the specific mode. As you check the box, you status bar, right on top of the phone, shows an image of Airplane, which simply means that you have it right.

    Moreover, the network signals will go dead. It means that your phone is not receiving or sending any signals now. Now you can have a safe journey.

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