How to Restore Cracked iPhone Screens

What if you spend so many bucks on buying an iPhone 3G and it screen gets cracked after falling from your hand? Well, the broken screen iPhone won’t work perfectly and you have to buy a new one. Isn’t it better to just replace the broken screen rather than the entire cell phone? Getting your iPhone repaired by a professional will require you to pay heavily. However, it is far easy to replace your iPhone’s screen yourself and you don’t have to pay anyone for his services. You can simply purchase a new iPhone screen from an iPhone parts supply store and repair your smart phone at home. It won’t require any electronic expertise or special sort of equipment to do so and you can make your iPhone fully functional once again.

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    All you need a mobile phone screw driver kit, a knife, a pair of tweezers and a new iPhone 3G screen.

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    Before starting the screen replacement process, it is better to take out the SIM card from your iPhone. A paper clip can be used to pull the SIM tray out easily. Straighten up the paper clip and insert its end in the hole present on the top of iPhone 3G. A slight push will allow the SIM tray to pop out and you can put it aside to begin the actual repair process.

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    Open up your iPhone by removing the two screws at the bottom of it using the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Insert a knife into the seam between the cracked iPhone 3G screen and the body just above the ‘Home’ button.

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    Twist the knife a bit and lift up the cracked screen. Be careful not to pull the screen with a greater force.

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    Use the tweezers to pull off the two connectors on the circuit board. Also release the small white latch and pull the cable out of the circuit board.

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    Now you can lift up the cracked iPhone screen and place it on a soft cloth.

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    Remove the black strips of tape from both sides of the cracked screen with your tweezers and then remove the screws underneath them with the screwdriver.

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    Carefully insert the knife in the space between the cracked screen and the LCD assembly of your iPhone. A slight push will separate the broken screen from the iPhone LCD and you can dump it away.

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    Now put the new iPhone 3G screen on the frame and press the two together they fit in with a click sound.

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    Now reverse the steps in backward order to reassemble the LCD assembly, reattaching the cables, connectors, screws, SIM card try and voila! You have replaced your cracked iPhone 3G screen yourself!

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