How to Raise a Child with No Discipline

Gone are the days when parents were used to beat their children and surprisingly that trick always worked on the kids. However, the story is entirely different now as experts believe that if your child is doing something wrong it means he/she needs your help and support. The more distressing actions, the more your kid is in pain and in need of your affection and guidance.

Apparently, it seems a bit unworkable method to raise a child without any authoritative approach but its result will be beyond your imagination. Almost all the children of world hate being restricted and they always have a rebellious attitude towards rules and regulations. They just learn from life, they believe in experiencing things.

According to recent studies, punishments and restrictions make them angry and they misbehave just to record their protest. Moreover, there will be a time when it will become just a routine for them and all they will learn is just to avoid getting caught.

On the other hand, if you are kind and polite to your kids then they will also give positive response to your calls. Remember, raising a child is just like playing with a double-edged sword as it will either make or break their mental composition.


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    Be a role model:

    All you need is to set an example for them. Kids are just like robots as they always idealise and follow their mentors. So it’s you who will guide them to right path. Instead of yelling at them, be polite to other family members in front of them and then tell them why it is important.

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    Appreciation and reward:

    Do appreciate them if they are trying to follow your instructions. You may introduce a chart where they will get a “star” for doing one good thing. Give them proper reward if they touch a certain level of improvement.

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    There is no shortcut to experience so let your kids see the real shades of life. Let them have real experiences for example if your child beats his friend let him face the consequences as it will be a great lesson about social behaviour.

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    Look for the root cause:

    Instead of taking “disciplinary actions”, get to the basics. You should know the real cause of your kid’s behaviour as it will suggest you some proper remedy.

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    Get connected:

    You must come at their level before offering them some piece of advice. They will feel confident to share anything with you and ultimately you will be able to correct them.

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