How to Redo Bathroom Plumbing

A bathroom may have different kinds of fittings. So, before making any move you must realise that the entire plumbing cannot be redone on your own. By redoing the plumbing, you ensure no leakage in the sink, bathtub and toilet.

There is no need to be experimental. One should only work on the plumbing that you can easily fix. You will find plenty of visible plumbing in your bathroom, especially near the toilet and sink. The rest is located under the wall or floor. So, redoing is only possible with the visible plumbing.

This practice would surely enhance the appearance and function of your plumbing. It entirely depends on that which plumbing you want to use as replacement. Make a choice between PVC, copper or plastic pipes.

It is a very good idea to redo the bathroom plumbing once a while. This becomes even more important in case of leakages. If you are facing any issues with your plumbing, redoing must be done as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Things Required:

– Wrench
– Replacement piping
– Towel


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    First of all, you need to turn off the main valve. If you are redoing the toilet plumbing, turn the valve counter clockwise until fully tight. Use the wrench to free the nut.

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    Now, it is time to work on the toilet’s tank. Loosen the pipe by turning the nut anticlockwise. You may find the old pipes fully damaged. Set them aside, and discard.

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    After discarding the old pipes, clean the valves. Use a piece of cloth for this. It is always better to wrap the male part of pipes with plumbing tape or thread. This step will enhance the durability while saving you from leakages in the future.

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    Now, attach the replacement pipes. Turn the nut clockwise until fully tight. You can always use a decorative bronze or silver paper to cover the base of the new pipes.

    Turn on the main valve, and closely see the new plumbing. If you find any leakage, tighten the nut further with the help of the wrench.

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    You can redo the Sink Plumbing by repeating the same steps. After turning the water supply, spread a clean towel on the base of your bathroom sink.

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