How to Reduce Jaundice

When excess of bile is circulated in the blood, it gives the skin a yellow tinge. Cause of obstruction of fresh flow of bile is due to gall stone. This condition is called Jaundice. In such case, the skin starts turning yellowish and the affected person starts vomiting green fluid. Also, the affected person starts feeling pain in the upper right side of the body. So, if you or any of your family members becomes infected with jaundice, you should be really careful and take precautionary measures when it comes to taking different food items, relying on food which helps in countering it. Here is how you can reduce jaundice.

Things Required:

– Banana and asafetida
– Beetroot
– Sugar cane
– Malt and Orange peel


  • 1

    Consider eating bananas along with a small piece of asafetida on regular basis, as this will greatly help in clearing the yellowness in your body, as well as your eyes.

  • 2

    Consider drinking beetroot juice for at least three days, once a day. This will help in clearing the yellowness in your urine. During jaundice, the urine colour turns dark yellow. If it does not turn white or even light yellow after three days, you can take it for another couple of days.

  • 3

    Sugar cane juice also helps in reducing jaundice to great extent. In fact, it is really effective in fighting with jaundice bacteria in the blood. So, you should try taking two to three glasses of fresh sugar cane juice on daily basis for around one week.

  • 4

    You can also consider drinking a glass of infusion of malt and orange peel to relieve the after effects of acute hepatitis A.

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