How to Register a Charity Organization

Registering a charity organisation is very important as it will allow you to manage different affairs of the organisation. Sometimes if a specific charity organisation has not registered their name in their local community office or in any government organisation as a non profit institute, the authorities can take action against them. There are many types of charity organisations which are working for the benefit of the people. You should always understand that registering your charity organisation will give you many other benefits to expand its foundation. Many charity organisations have different purposes. Some collect money for development of under developed areas and some collect money for treatment and prevention of different health related issues.


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    Mission statement

    When you will go to the concerned authorities to register your charity organisation, you need to write a mission statement of the organisation as well. You should make sure while writing your mission statement of your charity organisation, everything should be explained in detail. Mission statement should be precise and complete in nature.

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    Secretary of State

    Meeting Secretary of State of the area that you want to register is important as he or she will provide you with the registration form. You can contact the Secretary of State via email or calling the office itself.

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    Provide the purpose

    Provide all kinds of necessary information about the purpose of your charity organisation. The registration form has a complete section in which you are required to write down all the information of the purpose of your organisation. You should mention what the purpose of your charity organisation is by explaining your activities to potential outcomes. It will also help you in many other ways as well.

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    Organisation incorporation

    It is very important that you should incorporate your charity organisation. Some states do allow organisations to work freely without getting registered but other states have a strict requirement that all the charity organisations must be registered. Along with registration, incorporation is also needed for your organisation for meeting all sorts of issues which might give you trouble in overall operations.

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    Employer identification number

    As soon as you register your charity organisation, you should need to apply for the employer identification number as well. It will help you open accounts in the bank and the funds will directly transfer.

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