Register Undergraduate Courses at University of London

The University of London offers undergraduate programs in September and October of every year and usually the courses are no more than 3 years long. Moreover, the university caters to both local and international students through their international programme.

The University of London offers a wide variety of courses which include Engineering, Education, Humanities, Languages/Culture Studies, Laws, Life Sciences, Medical and related Disciplines, Physical Sciences and Social Studies. The UOL’s official website has useful information related to all the courses along with introductions that can help you make your final choice. For the registration and admissions you can also contact the university directly or apply online after you check the fee structure for your course of choice from the website.

If you have any confusions, do not hesitate in contacting the university through e-mail, as they are quite prompt in replying to student queries.


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    Before applying you need to finalize the course you wish to study for. The University of London offers several courses from various disciplines and you can look up your areas of interest on the University of London Course Search page.

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    After selecting a course and finalizing your choice you can apply for it using the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) page.

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    once you have applied for a course using UCAS, you can track whether the university has offered you a place or not at the UCAS tracking service.

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    If the university has accepted your application you need to reply with your decision. If you are not happy with the course you have selected you can find help on UCAS offer.

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    You can check your results on Exam result through UCAS.

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    When you received your acceptance letter from the university, it will include all the information related to your next steps.

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    Make sure you go through all the requirements related to books, equipment and accommodation well in time to clear up any confusions. In case there are any issues, feel free to contact the university support by e-mail.

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