How to Remove a Wood Splinter from Skin

Splinters can be extremely painful, especially the smallest ones. While large splinters are easy to pick out, small ones are much harder to remove and cause more pain. However, there are several DIY home remedies that you can use to painlessly remove even the smallest of splinters. Most of the things used to remove splinters include common household or food items that can be easily found in your kitchen cabinet, such as baking soda, Banana peel, bread and milk etc.

Things Required:

– Baking Soda
– Duct tape or scotch tape
– Elmer’s glue
– Warm bread
– Milk
– Banana Peel
– Ichthammol ointment
– Magnifying glass
– Water
– Paper Towel
– Anti-bacterial ointment
– Band-aid


  • 1

    Treat the wounded area first

    Wash the affected area with soap and water and pat it dry with a paper towel. After cleaning the affected area, inspect the splinter under a magnifying glass to know its size, position and depth. This will help you know the best way to remove the splinter.

  • 2

    Baking Soda

    Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with enough water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the splinter and cover it with a band-aid. Let the baking soda paste sit over the splinter for 24 hours, then remove the ban-aid. If the splinter is visible, remove it using a sterilized pair of tweezers.

  • 3


    You can use either duct tape or scotch tape to remove a small splinter that is not lodged deep in your skin. Apply tape over the splinter ad remove it in the direction opposite to the direction of the splinter.

  • 4


    Apply a drop of glue over the splinter and allow it to dry completely. Once the glue has dried, peel it off, the splinter should come out of the skin.

  • 5

    Bread and milk

    Take a piece of bread and boil it in one cup milk. Let the milk cool a bit and then apply the mixture to the splinter and cover with band aid. Wait until the bread dries out and then remove the band aid.

  • 6

    Banana peel

    Take a piece of banana peel and band aid it over the splinter, with the pulpy side facing down. Leave it on for 12 hours and the splinter will rise to top of the skin. Remove the splinter with a pair of tweezers.

  • 7

    Ichthammol ointment

    If all of the above household items fail, purchase Ichthammol ointment from your local pharmacist and apply a small amount of it on the splinter. Cover the affected area with a band aid and wait for 24 hours before removing the band aid, the splinter should naturally come out.

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