How to Remove a Wooden Window

Construction in the last few decades has taken a large leap and ways we construct have changed. The greater emphasis is now on cost cutting while using materials and techniques for construction those are best for the quality of the work. There is also an emphasis on using materials that are energy efficient so that greater savings both in way of money and natural resources can be had.

Conventional wooden have had a great place in home making for years. However, they have been out of favour for a while and windows made from materials such as aluminum are taking centre stage. Some homes still have these installed, even some new homes being constructed have them.


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    Get Protection First

    Get some protection along with the tools needed. Make sure you wear safety goggles and workers’ gloves to protect your hands.

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    Start with Stripping Wood

    Strip the wood that holds the window sash. The sash is a combination of frames which hold the glass in the window. Most windows have lower and upper sashes. Remove the paint seal along the seam with the help of a utility knife.

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    Remove Stops

    Next use a flat bar to remove the stops wooden stops that hold the sashes. Work one each of the stops gently and work until they become loose. Soon they will be loose enough to be removed altogether.

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    Remove Sashes

    After the stops have been removed, remove the window sashes. If they are stick with the paint, use a utility knife to remove the paint.

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    Remove Interior Trim

    Next remove the interior trim of the window. This should expose the nails that are holding the frame in its place. Remove the casing or the trim from all sides carefully using a flat bar.

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    Remove Nails from the Jamb

    Next step is to remove the nails that go through the jamb into the framing of the window. Do cut the side jamb from the window sill. Make sure that you leave the sill in place as it will be needed for the replacement window to be installed.

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    Remove Casings

    Prey the casing loose at the external part where it joins the front edge of the window jamb. Cut away the nails that hold the jamb in place with a saw.

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    Remove Jambs

    Use a flat bar to remove the head and side jambs from the window’s opening.

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    Remove Leftover Nails

    Pull out any nails left in the window sill with a pair of pliers. Sand the window sill and opening to make them smooth.

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