How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantle for Summer

Fireplaces get a lot of importance in the winter months as you sit near the heat. As summer comes, the use of a fireplace reduces dramatically. Keep the place maintained and pretty in the summer by changing the decoration pieces, flowers, vases etc. From natural colourful flowers to candles, there are a lot of options. A fireplace mantle makes an amazing backdrop and gives a nice feature to the entire room. Decorate it according to the colour combination of the entire room so that it coordinates and gives a stylish effect.

Things Required:

– Flowers
– Fruit
– Vases
– Plants
– Greenery
– Spices
– Candles
– Candle holders
– Hurricane lamps
– Hurricane oil
– Mirrors
– Tings
– Berries
– Potpourri
– Artificial flowers
– Flower pots
– Galvanized buckets
– Beach toys
– Starfish and shells
– Flip-flops and sunglasses
– Beach blankets
– Tablecloths


  • 1

    Beach theme

    The market has a lot of affordable beach toys that you can buy like shovels, buckets and sea shells. Add some fun colorful items like sunglasses, colourful flip flops and transparent bowls filled with sand. Put citrus scented candles in the bowls as they will stand out. A bright beach towel with picnic baskets placed on it will give an interesting effect. Place it strategically so that it’s away from the fire. Drape the towel on the mantle sides. The candles should coordinate with the colours of other beach items. Buy candle holders in different shapes and purchase candles shaped like shells and other numerous beach items. The whole corner would give a very summery effect.

  • 2

    Patriotic theme

    Red, white and blue are bold colours that bring life to any room. Buy dyed carnations or dried flowers in these colours. You could get many paper made decorations in these three colours from a simple hobby store. Buy a galvanized bucket and fill it up with sand and coloured rocks. Fix small American flags in the sand as this will make a beautiful centerpiece. A blue and red table cloth can be used as a base with confetti scattered on it. Add blue and red candles for a perfect touch.

  • 3

    Fruits and flowers

    Ivy and fern make an amazing base. It will require a little more care and maintenance if you are using fresh flowers and greens. If you want to avoid the hassle, go for artificial greens and spray fragrance to them. Citrus fruit clusters with jasmine flowers will bring a lot of colour to the room. Use daisies if you want less fragrance. There are numerous options in artificial flowers.

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