How to Remove an Eyebrow Ring

Piercings are a latest method of forming a fashion statement. Although considered as a bit shady and unacceptable for few extremists, they are still a fascinating piece of artwork. Unlike tattoos, piercings can be easily terminated or altered at the will of the beholder. However, you have to be very careful when dealing with the change or removal of the piercings because they hurt and can cause lethal infections if not treated with care. You need to have proper equipment and a firm hand to deal with this scenario. You must visit a proper specialist for the task but if you think you are capable of doing it at home then make sure that your physician has you skin checked and authorized any alteration activity.


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    Wash your hands before doing anything. Make sure your equipment is clean otherwise get it cleaned with some specialized product. Use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean your hands and the surroundings of the eyebrow along with the place where the ring is placed but make sure you don’t put pressure on the piercing because that might infect you. Warm water is required so that no irritation or scalding takes place when you apply it on your skin.

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    Wear latex gloves during the piercing removal process so that no germs are spread. Even though you have cleaned your hands, it is more protective to have a gear that will assure you of cleanliness. If you don’t have the gloves then use bare hands but following step 1.

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    See the piercing in the mirror and figure out a way t unlock it or remove it. Hoop style jewellery comes off from the middle whilst Barbell type jewellery is removed by untwisting from the top. Make sure you are aware of the piercing equipment so that you can easily perform the job. Otherwise contact a specialist to understand the details about the ring.

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    Untwist the ring slowly and gradually. Make sure the place of piercing is not twisted because it can create a greater hole at the eyebrow and may cause infection which can be lethal. It is a very sensitive thing so take good care. It will hurt a bit but don’t go beyond your patience level. Stop when you feel like it.

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    Use an antibiotic ointment to heal the eyebrow’s part that is pierced.

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