How to Remove Csrcs.Exe Virus

Computer viruses are often programmes which can replicate themselves very frequently, thus causing problems such as low virtual memory, corruption of important data files, crash of the operating system and at times, irreparable damage to the computer’s hardware as well. It is vital to get rid of computer virus to ensure that your information is safe when you are browsing the internet.

CSRCS.exe is a type of computer virus which should be taken seriously because it can cause a lot of damage if your computer gets infected with it. Getting rid of CSRCS.exe virus involves a few basic steps.


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    Before you can remove CSRCS.exe virus you will have to terminate or kill all the processes using CSRCS.exe. For this, start the task manager. In the ‘Windows Task Manager’ window that pops up, click on the ‘Processes’ tab. Under this tab you will find an active list of the programmes which are currently running on your computer. Slowly scroll down the list, keeping an eye out for csrcs.exe under the ‘Image Name’ heading. Kill this process when you find it by clicking on csrcs.exe and then clicking on the ‘End Process’ button. On the ‘Task Manager Warning’ that pops up, click on the ‘Yes’ button.

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    Click the ‘Start’ button located on the desktop and then click on ‘Run’ from menu that appears. In the ‘Run’ box, type msconfig and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Click the ‘Startup’ tab in the window which appears. Locate and delete the csrcs.exe file to prevent it from starting up when you reboot your computer.

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    Now you need to check the ‘system32’ folder for csrss.exe virus. Again open the ‘Run’ box as before and type “system32”. Remember to include the quote marks. Hit the enter key and Windows will take you to the ‘system32’ folder. Click ‘Show the contents of this folder’ and then click the ‘Tools’ button located in the top bar of the on-screen window. Choose ‘Folder Options’ from the list which appears when you click the ‘Tools’ button. In the ‘Folder Options’ window, click the ‘View’ tab check the radio box which says ‘Show hidden files and folders’. Click the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons, one after the other. Locate csrcs.exe in the ‘system32’ folder and permanently delete the file from your computer by pressing ‘Shift + Delete’.

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