How to Remove Old Decals from Car

If you are planning to give your car a new look, consider removing the old decals. You should be able to accomplish the task fairly easily as long as you do not use a sharp or pointed object to remove the decals. Moreover, you will better off removing the decals on a warm sunny day because the air temperature on a sunny day is fairly high which helps in removal of the adhesive holding the decal to the car. Here is how you can safely remove old decals from your car.


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    Thoroughly clean the area around the decals you are going to remove. Wash those areas using quality car wash soap. This will not make the decal removal process easier but will also prevent damage to the paintwork on your car’s body.

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    Now you need to increase the temperature of the car’s body. To accomplish this, you can either hold a hair dryer with hot air directly focused at the decal for approximately five minutes or you can park your car in open sun on a warm sunny day.

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    Carefully get the edge of a plastic putty knife under one end of the decal edges and lift off that edge. Slowly pull off the decal and try to remove it in one piece by peeling it off. You tear end up tearing the decal while peeling it off. If that happens, again get under the corner of the decal with the plastic putty knife to start peeling the decal once again.

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    Even though you have peeled off the decal, adhesive residue will still be remaining on the car. While holding a rag directly below the area with the adhesive residue, liberally pour an anti-adhesive solution on the leftover residue. The rag will prevent the anti-adhesive solution from running down on other parts of the car.

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    Give at least five minutes to the anti-adhesive solution do its work. The solution will loosen the adhesive residue. After five minutes, scratch off the residue with plastic putty knife and immediately wash and then wax the car to complete the task.

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