How to Remove Rust with a Potato

How many things in your home are hiding under the rust? Certainly there are many things ranging from kitchen ware to the bronze decorations in your home. Don’t go for those expensive remedies that not only cost you more than you expect but also waste time. Also some of these remedies turn out to be nothing more than a knock off. So try an easy to follow trick that is both cost and time effective! Potatoes is an excellent home remedy that works against rust so just take one potato and apply it on the rust and get rid of it now. This is a very cheap vegetable and almost every one of us has got potatoes available in our homes all the time. And most specifically those of us who love to eat French fries will surely never want to run short of this vegetable! But these are more than vegetables! Yes these are one of those natural remedies that are  bestowed with excellent rust removing power in them! What they contain is oxalic acid that works against rust. Besides, in our rust removing recipe we will also make use of an abrasive agent like salt or baking soda so that the scrubbing process gets easier and quicker. Our step by step guide will help you achieve this in just no time and see how it can be done!

Things Required:

– 1 Potato
– 1/3 cup Regular Salt


  • 1

    Cut a potato from the middle into two parts. Remember not to peel the potato at all!

  • 2

    Now coat with salt the halved potato with the sides that are now out in the open.

  • 3

    Next, take one half and apply the salted side of the potato on the rust.

    As you rub the potato on the rust it will start getting worn out quickly so cut off that side of the potato from time to time. Also don’t forget to coat the potato with some salt every time you cut it.

    Keep on repeating this process until the rust is removed.

    Finally when the rust is gone, wipe that area off with a damp cotton cloth and leave for drying.

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