How to Remove Windshield Molding

If the windshield in your vehicle got damaged in an accident, replacing it as soon as possible is very important because the risk of a personal injury is too great while you driver a vehicle with a broken windshield. But before you can replace the windshield, you will have to remove the moulding which is holding the windshield in place. It may be time consuming so will have to be patient. Here is what you will require in order to safely remove windshield moulding.

Things Required:

– Automotive cutting knife
– Flat tip screwdriver
– Razor blade
– Piece of cloth


  • 1

    Pry away the moulding from the windshield with the help of a flat tip screwdriver. Large pieces of moulding will be easy to loosen up but you may have to spend lots of time on smaller pieces of the windshield moulding because these are not easy to loosen up.

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    With an automotive cutting knife, carefully start cutting the moulding starting on the top of driver’s side of the window, gradually working your way towards the bottom of the windshield. Keep in mind that windshield moulding is manufactured using urethane which makes the moulding fairly strong to ensure that the windshield does not move while you are driving your vehicle. That is the reason why you may have to spend anywhere from several minutes to several hours depending on the size of the windshield to completely cut the moulding.

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    Continue to cut the moulding until all the moulding has been removed from the windshield. Residual moulding may still be remaining on the surface of the vehicle. Get rid of it by scrapping it off with a razor blade. Be careful not to scratch the paintwork on your vehicle while using the razor blade.

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    Using a piece of cloth, wipe clean area around the windshield. Make sure that all the moulding has been completely removed. If you see small pieces of moulding still intact, repeat the whole procedure again until all of the moulding has been completely removed.

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