How to Replace an Entrance Door & Frame

Replacing an old and worn out entrance door and frame is not that hard. It is recommended to follow the right procedure and be patient when performing this task. Although putting up a new entrance door is challenging, it should be replaced properly to lower costs. Using basic tools and skills, you can get this job done without an expert.

Things Required:

– Hammer
– Pry bar
– Large putty knife
– Tape measure
– Punch
– Reciprocating saw
– Broom
– Dust pan
– Felt paper
– Roofing nails
– Caulking
– Shims
– Bubble level
– 16 p nails
– 3-inch screw
– Drill
– Non-expanding foam sealant
– Finishing nails
– Foam caulking backer


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you will have the skills to perform this task yourself. If possible, prepare a list of steps involved in replacing the entrance door and its frame. If you do not have what it takes to manually replace the door and frame, consider hiring a professional to get this job done. Remember that hiring a professional will cost quite a bit of money so if you want to save some money then you should do it yourself.

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    Consider choosing a new door for your entrance. Make sure it is made of wood as it can lower the heating and cooling effects considerably. Take your time when performing this task. Your entrance not only should be eye catching but also durable and reliable. Doors can be purchased from your local supermarket or consider visiting the nearest furniture store to come up with new design ideas. Make sure you shop around for the right door. You will find a wide variety of different door styles at your local home improvement store. Be sure to check the quality of the door that you want to buy ahead of time.

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    Next, you will be required to measure the dimensions of the frame. Length, width and thickness of your old door must be measured accurately. Use a measuring tape to get this job done. Choosing a pre hung door with hinges and jambs in position can help you save your valuable time and money.

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    Use a hammer and punch to remove all the old door’s hinge pins. Remove the old door carefully to avoid damage to the frame. Now remove the frame using the tools such as hammer, punch, large putty knife and reciprocating saw. Cut through the nails to slide the frame out of the wall. Be very careful when operating a reciprocating saw and always observe all the proper safety precautions.

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    Put the new frame and door in place. Check the frame is plumb using a bubble level. Adjust the shims as per your required. Polish the door after a couple of days. Be sure to open and close the door repeatedly to make sure everything is smooth and balanced.

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