How to Lay a Wedding Table

The Wedding day is the most major event of your life. You want to look perfect and throw a perfect party. Everything needs to be according to plan and just how you imagined. You want people to remember the reception long after it is over. The main focus of everyone is on the wedding table; it is at the center and should be well presented. The guests really notice it and comment on it surely.


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    The first thing to consider is the color scheme. If your wedding is themed, then you need to choose a color that complements the overall setting. The color should not clash with your dress or the bridesmaid’s dress. White linens are the safest choice and always look classy. If you are choosing any other color, go for lighter shades instead of bold colors like magenta, maroon etc. You need to decide if the overall setting is formal or informal. Before you start setting the cutlery and crockery, this should be decided. If the event is very formal, the dinnerware will be changed after every course. The coffee cups and saucers will only be bought when its tea time. In an informal setting, all the crockery is already placed.

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    It is important to lay the wedding table in a proper manner. The dinner plates should be kept at a little distance from the edge. At the left side of the plate, place the dinner and salad fork. Place the knife on the right side. After the knife, the dessert spoon and the soup spoon are set. Place the coffee cup above the spoons. The salad plate will be placed on the left of the salad fork. The bread plate will be above the two forks with the knife across it. The wine glass and goblet will be placed above the coffee cup and saucer.

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    Pick up some flowers for the centerpiece. The flowers should be according to the season, some varieties might look good in the winters but wont suit in the summers. If you do not have a lot of money for the flowers, it’s OK to buy ready made artificial flowers as centerpieces. They make very good decorations. Wedding favors add the final touch to the table. The guests always love them and look forward to them. It could be a simple chocolate placed at every seat or an extravagant card holder with everyone’s name on it. Such acts show that you are considerate and appreciate them coming.

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